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Dr. Ramin Manshadi, MD - Cardiologist Stockton, CA

Dr. Manshadi's approach which has helped him to succeed in his field of cardiology is his desire for teamwork and having a balance in life and in practice. Professionally he balances his work in private practice, in academics, and in the leadership activities for his Cardiac society which in return helps him to give to his patients a sound and balanced approach in treatment which translates into better health for his patients.

Atherosclerosis, Coronary Artery Disease, Stroke, Heart Attack and Ischemia

Board certification from three distinct medical boards.
Innovative diagnostic exams that are unique to the area.
Today’s most advanced minimally invasive interventions.
A recognized leader in his field and advocate of patient care.

Conditions such as atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease and ischemia all pose serious threats to your health. That’s because they obstruct blood flow, which can cause heart attack, stroke, gangrene, renal failure and loss of limb or loss of life.

If your doctor determines that you need specialized care for a heart-related concern, chances are you will be referred to Dr. Ramin Manshadi. He’s a multiple-board-certified cardiologist in Stockton, Cardiologist who performs diagnostic tests and procedures that are at the leading edge of modern medicine.

A dedicated researcher who has always remained at the forefront of his field, Dr. Manshadi was one of the first cardiologists in Stockton to offer several innovative exams that are performed right in the office. He offers state-of-the-art interventional procedures that are excellent alternatives to open-heart surgery and carotid artery surgery — and are long-proven and highly successful.

While his credentials and capabilities are impressive, so too is Dr. Manshadi’s approach to patient care. He will treat you with the utmost concern and compassion and provide you with the emotional support you need. Your appointments with him are unhurried and informative, and he will explain everything in simple, easy-to-understand terms.

Dr. Manshadi is known for his expertise in athletic heart evaluation.

He has provided outstanding care to more than 10,000 patients in and around Stockton, and he can do the same for you. Please read on to learn more. 

To request an appointment, please call our cardiology office in Stockton, California at 209-944-5530 or use our online Appointment Request Form.

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Dear Dr. Manshadi, "I wish to thank you for the work you have done to treat my poor heart. You identified the occlusion and did an excellent job in placing the stent. This occurred around coincidently with the birth of your baby boy but you put me at the top of your priorities and proceeded with treatment. Please accept my sincerest appreciation for your good work."
- M. Edwards, actual patient.

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To request an appointment, please call our cardiology office in Stockton California at 209-944-5530 or use our
Online Appointment Request Form

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